5 Ways A Dermatologist Helps Your Aging Skin

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Before you invest a lot of money in skin tightening, wrinkle removing, and skin rejuvenation procedures or surgeries, talk to a dermatologist about your aging skin. Even if you decide to have skin treatments, you'll still need to care for your skin properly after the treatments so they have the best effect and last longer.

Good skin care is essential all through your life if you want beautiful skin as you age. Here are five ways a dermatologist can help.

1. Inform You Of The Latest Anti-Aging Products

Progress is being made constantly in skin care. It's difficult to keep up with, and there may be products and tools available that you know nothing about. A dermatologist is aware of new skin care products once they're developed. They keep up with the latest research, so they know what's coming and whether new products are safe enough to try.

If you like being on the cutting edge of beauty care, and want to find anti-aging products that can help you postpone surgery, then work with your doctor to stay up to date with advances in dermatology, such as stem cell therapy.

2. Recommend The Best Skincare Products For You

To get the best result from skincare serums and moisturizers, you need products that match your skin type. A dermatologist can type your skin so you know what sort of products and procedures are right for you. They can also recommend products sold over the counter, and prescribe retinoids and other skin medications that fight wrinkles and sagging skin.

3. Advise On Diet And Supplements

Your diet and lifestyle have a big impact on how quickly your skin ages. Your doctor might give you dietary recommendations such as quitting sugar so your skin stays as healthy as possible. While your dermatologist might focus on products applied on your skin, they may also recommend certain supplements that support skin health.

4. Recommend The Right Procedures

Going to a dermatologist regularly gives the doctor a chance to understand your skin and how it responds. Then they can recommend the best skin procedures for you. Different treatments can stimulate skin collagen and elastin, but all may not be right for you. Even if your dermatologist doesn't offer the treatments, they can help you decide on the right treatments to pursue in a med spa.

5. Watch For Skin Problems

Your dermatologist is also valuable for skin cancer prevention. When you visit a place like Advanced Dermatology of Northern California, the doctor can watch your skin and monitor it for changes. The doctor can also diagnose and treat a number of other skin problems that could keep your skin from looking its best, such as melasma, acne, and rosacea.